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Apr 2015
Our WM. P Sander took a contigent to the Thre Kindred Lights lodge at Great Queen Street to 'farm out' Bro. Basham's passing, which was enjoyed by all.

Mar 2015
An excellent and well attended installation meeting for our new WM. P Sander

Jan 2015
A fantastic Burns Night with an initiation of our candidate V.Basham. It was enjoyed by all members and visitors alike.

Nov 2014
A great evening was had with our WM. passing Bro. Buckley followed by a fantastic festive board.

Sept 2014
Our WM. with the assistance of our Bro. Secretary raised Bro. Young at a well attended meeting.

Jun 2014
Our WM. P McGuinness enjoyed an excellent Initiation, with all the guests enjoying the festive board in particular.

Mar 2014
An Excellent installation meeting for our new WM. P McGuinness

Sept 2013
Another initiation complimented with a visit from the AGPM of Essex Province made for an excellent evenings work.

Mar 2013
An Excellent installation meeting for our new WM. T Archer

Jan 2013
Another outstanding Burns Night, we all the usual performances from the Scottish brethren within our Lodge

Dec 2012
W.Bro. Steve Morris (Lodge Secretary) was offered the Rank of PPJGD, and our
W.Bro. John Hubbard (Charity Steward) the rank of PPJGW

Sep 2012
A fantastic Ladies Night from Liz and WM. Peter Thomas was enjoyed by all the Brethren and their guests.

Mar 2012
WM. Peter Thomas enjoyed a successfull and enjoyable Installation Meeting

Jan 2012
Sibelius ventured (en masse) to Grand Lodge to pass two of our Brethren at the Arts & Aldersgate Lodge 1657.

Sept 2011
A very enjoyable raising at our September meeting.

June 2011
Sibelius saw yet another Initiation, and two joining members become part of its growing ranks, with the WM giving a superb performance on the night.

March 2011
A new master of the Lodge was installed with a fanstatic ceremony and festive board to follow.

January 2011
After a very successful 'Burns Night', Sibelius raised around 440 for two local charities.

November 2010
Sibelius has reportedly raised over 10,000 for the Grand Charity for the Essex 2011 Festival, and is a 'Grand Patron' - Login to see the letter from Province.

Aug 2010
Sibelius helped raised 3,000 for the 2011 Festival at a golf day organised by Vigilance Lodge, and also saw the completion of a Renewable energy project for 2nd Billericay Scounts. Log in and view more 'in The News'

March 2010
Sibelius saw the installation of their new Master for the year, which proved to be a fantastic meeting, followed by a great Festive Board.

Feb 2010
Sibelius has featured in 'Essex Mason' for the money raised for the 'Dickie Bird' foundation, and at the 2009 summer BBQ event in aid of Little Haven's Hospice. See the news page once logged in.
 Lodge Information
Regular meetings of Sibelius Lodge are held on:
1st Mon in Mar
4th Mon in June and Sept
2nd Mon in Nov
emergencies excepted, of which every member shall have due notice.

Sibelius is a
Full Patron of the
Friends of Hamilton Court Charitable Association

History of Sibelius Lodge 9448

The early days of Sibelius Lodge are well recorded in a hand written statement by the first Lodge Secretary W.Bro. E.J.C. (Ted) Preston PPJGD SLGR LGCR. and is given below almost verbatim.

My involvement in the original concept of forming a Provincial Lodge in Essex was quite accidental. I had known Dr Robin Stone since 1984, having both been Perfected in the Hutton Chapter No. 680 (Rose Croix) within a year of each other.

He approached me regarding any experience I may have had on forming a new Lodge and of the procedure towards the consecration ceremony. I told him I had none whatever but that the UGLE Book of Constitutions would give the necessary information to enable would be petitioners to get started. 

Knowing that I had been Secretary of my Lodge (a London Lodge) for several years and that I was also Scribe E of my London Chapter he asked me if I would get things going as he and several acquaintances including two fellow musicians (W.Bro. Keith Bleasdale and W.Bro. Arthur Soothill) most of whom were members of one or more London Lodges and in some cases combined with additional membership of Provincial Lodges, mainly Essex.

When the idea was originally conceived no thought of a title for the Lodge had been considered (1989). After instigating the initial procedure with the Provincial Grand Secretary a preliminary meeting was held and the question of a preferred venue was raised, Upminster Masonic Hall was the most popular choice as it was close to a LTR station easily reached from most places in the London area. I approached the Secretary of the Upminster Mason Hall for dates available for meetings. This being a popular venue the resultant dates were random.

At a subsequent meeting in March 1990 days and dates were chosen and the question of a title for the Lodge was discussed. The Masonic Year Book revealed that virtually every Mason term had already been incorporated in Lodge titles. There was however, no Havering Lodge. It was not considered very inspiring however and Robin Stone then came forward with the idea of Sibelius Lodge. He had, it transpired, sent his own composition including a Masonic symphony to Jean Sibelius and had received a letter in reply. Although the title was considered by some would be petitioners as too specialist and possibly off putting to encourage future membership, the musicians amongst those present held sway and the title Sibelius Lodge was to be submitted with the Petition to Provincial Grand Lodge of Essex.

Over the next few months a Petition form was drawn up, during which time there were various changes, some people dropped out and other took their place, ranks, styles and address changed and eventually the Pro Forma Petition was submitted to Provincial Grand Lodge on the 18th June 1990. Clearance Certificates for all Petitioners of the Lodge were the required which took several more weeks and in September 1990 I was informed that the R W Provincial Grand Master had sanctioned a Form of Petition and approved the title Sibelius Lodge.

During the elapsed time it became necessary for Clearance Certificates to be updated prior to submission of the Petition to UGLE. I was required to submit a letter giving the reasons for the submission of the Petition. The Petition was officially approved by the M W Grand Master in 1991. 

Subsequently a date was sought from Upminster Mason Hall which was the 30th January 1992, this was also approved by the R W Provincial Grand Master of Essex.

Jean Sibelius was a Freemason in a Finnish Lodge and W.Bro. Dr. Robin Stone D.Mus, FLCM, FRSA, LLCM (TD), ACSM. was the first Senior Warden of the Lodge and is a concert pianist composer and examiner who has composed a Mason symphony (in three movements representing the Three Degrees), a Masonic Ladies song and several smaller Mason items.

He had, in 1950, submitted his compositions to Jean Sibelius and had received a letter of encouragement in reply, a copy of which is held by the Lodge, that year.

The Sponsor Lodge was Burntwood Lodge No 8016, of which the Secretary at that time was W.Bro. Les Fleming.

The Founders of the Lodge were:- (ranks listed as at the time of consecration) 

 K.D. Bleasdale PAGDCWorshipful Master
R.D.A. StoneSenior Warden
*E. C.H. GoodmanJunior Warden
F.T. BakerSteward
*L.G.C. Fleming PPJGDSteward
*G.G.J.Goodey LGRJunior Deacon
M. GoodeySenior Deacon
J.R. HubbardCharity Steward
N. Klos PGStBAsst. Director of Ceremonies
*P.G. Lewis LGRAlmoner
*J.C. Lowrie LGRSteward
T.G. MackenzieInner Guard
D.M. MacIntoshTreasurer
*E.J.C. Preston SLGRSecretary
*A.G. Soothill LGRDirector of Ceremonies
*G.B. Spendley PPJGWActing IPM
*R.F. WilliamsChaplain

* = deceased

At the Consecration (or the Birth) of the Lodge one of the above not present was W.Bro. J. R. Hubbard who was attending the birth of his Son.

Past Masters of the Lodge are:-

 K.D. Bleasdale PJGD PGStdB (RA) 1992
rR.D.A. Stone PPGOrg, LGR, PZ 1993
*E.C.H. Goodman PPSGD 1994
M. Goodey LGR, SLGCR 1995
*G.G.J Goodey PPSGD, SLGR, SLGCR 1996
rT.G. Mackenzie PPSGD, LGR 1997
D.R. Attwood PPAGSuptWks 1998
*L.G.C. Fleming PPJGW, PZ 1999
*A G. Soothill PGStB, SLGCR 2000
 C.G. Brown PPJGD, SLGR 2001
 R.D.J. Hunter PPJGD 2002
 N.P. Highfield PPGReg 2003
 J.R. Hubbard PPDepGSwdB, AGDC (RA) 2004
 N. Klos PGStB 2005
 K. Malseed 2006
 S. Morris 2007
 M. O'Reilly LGR 2008
 E. Stephens PPSGD, PPGStdB(Yorks, W.R) 2009
 S. Cochrane 2010

* = deceased  r = resigned

Treasurers of the Lodge have been: -
W.Bro. D.M. MacIntosh 1992 - 1994
W.Bro. J.R. Hubbard 1994 - 1999
W.Bro. G.G.J Goodey 1999 - 2006
W.Bro. D.R. Attwood 2006 - 2011
W.Bro. S. Cochrane 2011 - present

Secretaries of the Lodge have been: -
W.Bro. E.J.C. Preston 1992 - 1998
W.Bro. A.J. Brown 1998 - Nov 2000
W.Bro. J.R. Hubbard 2000 - 2002
W.Bro. C.G. Brown 2002 - 2009
W.Bro. S. Morris 2009 - present 

W.Bro. C. Brown and his wife made a banner which was consecrated on the 17th December 1998 with The Rev'd. Henry Heath in attendance who delivered the oration.

For various reasons the Lodge moved to Hutton Masonic Hall on March 1st 1999.

W.Bro. J.R. Hubbard who was the founding Charity Steward in 1992 continued in the post until March 2003, and retook the position in 2006, was largely the reason for the excellent record of the Lodge towards charity having raised more than 45,000 for both Masonic and non-Masonic causes in it's first 18 years (with over 16,000 going to local charities) and gaining the following honours:-

  • Essex 2000 Festival Gold Award
  • Essex 2011 Festival Grand Patron
  • Patron of the Masonic Samaritan Fund
  • Patron of the Royal Masonic Trust for Boys and Girls
  • Grand Patron of the Freemasons Grand Charity
  • and Grand Patron of the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution.
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